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Cruise Ship Jobs

Recognized Training for Cruise Ship Applicants

The Cruise Ship Diploma training course for cruise ship applicants has been recognised by two international recognition bodies; the Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT) and the International Accreditation Organization (IAO).

Both ITT and IAO have recognised the course for operating under strict principles and meeting the required standards of quality education, delivering high quality training and development combined with a successful track record of helping people from all over the world pursue a career in the cruise line industry.

If you're interested in working on cruise ships, then gaining the Cruise Ship Diploma certificate is the perfect starting point.  Not only do you gain significant job advantages in the highly competitive cruise industry, but you also gain a REAL qualification that is recognised and accepted all over the world.

Students of the Cruise Ship Diploma course also benefit from IAO’s Point Profile System that are specially designed to endorse your professional credentials to improve your professional profile. This further helps you to achieve your career aspirations in any industry.

The Cruise Ship Diploma 18-module e-learn course provides an in-depth insight into working as a crew member on international cruise ships and covers a wide range of topics which you can view here.

Gaining this internationally recognized certificate will give you significant job advantages and open the door to a variety of roles within the exciting cruise industry.

For further information about the Cruise Ship Diploma course then click here to download our Free Information Pack.

If you’re ready to start an exciting career at sea then
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